10 Years release their new album 'Minus the Machine' today (8/7) on their own Palehorse Records in partnership with Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group (ILG).

Fans can purchase the album now for $7.99 at Best Buy stores and online here. A special iTunes deluxe version of the album with three bonus tracks--“Baptized in Fire,” “Backlash” (acoustic) and “Soma”(acoustic)--is also available here.

The album’s hard driving single 'Backlash' is spinning nationwide at rock radio and climbing theActive Rock chart, currently #26. Leading up to the release of 'Minus the Machine', 10 Years has taken over the web partnering with several high profile websites to deliver advance, exclusive content for the fans. The first single 'Backlash' premiered exclusively on MonsterEnergy.com last month while Loudwire.com teamed up with the band to debut a video for another song off the album, 'Knives.' The clip was a video montage of a day-in-life of the Knoxville-based quartet--with'“Knives' as the sonic backdrop--and offered fans a glimpse into life on the road. Elsewhere, DrumMagazine.com shared an intimate drum lesson with drummer/guitarist Brian Vodinh of “Backlash,” demonstrating the unique drum sequences throughout the track.

10 Year's world premiered the official music video for 'Backlash' as well as an exclusive in-studio interview July 27 on FUSE TV. The dark and compelling music video has been viewed over 25,000 times.

RevolverMag.com offered fans the first listen of “Baptized in Fire,” one of the three songs available exclusively on the iTunes deluxe album. Lead vocalist Jesse Hasek told the site, “We decided to release this song to show fans how much a song can change during the writing process. ‘Baptized in Fire’ turned into what is now known as [Minus the Machine track] ‘Tightrope.’”

PureVolume.com recently revealed the official lyric video for “Backlash” and praised 10 YEARS noting, “Knoxville, TN's 10 Years expertly blend alt-rock melodies with metal instrumentals to create an eclectic sound that's heavy without being crushing, and melodic without being soft. Take, for example, ‘Backlash’ — a tune whichshows no mercy, but doesn't allow its tearing instrumentals to overpower the message being conveyed by frontman Jesse Hasek's monstrous vocals.”

Myspace.com and AOL Music have also joined in on the album release celebration and are currently streaming the full album via their respective homepages. AOL’s rock site Noisecreep.com went a step further and exclusively premiered an acoustic version of “Backlash,” available on the iTunes deluxe album. Additionally, 10 Years fans can be on the lookout for even more exclusive videos and song premieres later this week from AltPress.com, Ultimate-Guitar.com and RcrdLbl.com.

“First and foremost, when it’s all said and done, we’re proud of this album in its entirety,” Hasek says. “That speaks volumes to us because we’re our own worst critics. We pick everything apart. An album is your child, it’s your baby, and you know it better than anyone. To sit back and be 100 percent proud of what we’ve accomplished is so gratifying, and we think everything else will fall into place. We hope that everyone will enjoy what we’ve tried to do.”