What does it take to make a great album? Heart, soul and vision, not to mention--in the case of Aerosmith--blood and guts.

All this and more can be viewed as part of the band’s eight webisode series that details the making of 'Music From Another Dimension'! (Columbia Records).

The series is now exclusively airing on the band’s social networks--Aeroforceone.com, Aerosmith.com and Facebook--and debuted September 6 (Episode #1 http://vimeo.com/48954533) with the second webisode airing Sep 17 (Episode #2 https://vimeo.com/49398948). Episode three debuts today (September 28) at http://vimeo.com/50296845 and details the similarities and differences between the band’s studio process through their history. Twenty-year-old footage of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry writing music in the studio is interspersed with clips of the duo at work last summer on the 'Music From Another Dimension'! song "Freedom Fighter" with Steven and Joe talking about the process of songwriting. Upcoming webisodes are set to air weekly leading up to the album’s Tuesday, November 6 release date of 'Music From Another Dimension'!

The new album marks the 15th studio album and the first of all-new material in 11 years from Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums). The album was recorded in Los Angeles and at the band’s studio in Massachusetts; it was produced by Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, with the exception of three tracks produced by Tyler and Marti Frederiksen.

'Music From Another Dimension'! presents Aerosmith in ferociously fine form and at the peak of their powers. They’re the only band of their stature with all-original members and who are playing better than ever before. The album abounds with one highlight after another, including “Out Go The Lights,” “Oh Yeah,” “Luv XXX,” “We All Fall Down,” “Street Jesus” and “Can’t Stop Loving You,” on which Tyler duets with Carrie Underwood. The album also includes “Freedom Fighter” which features Johnny Depp on backing vocals.

Aerosmith are a living piece of American music history, having sold over 150 million albums worldwide and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are the recipients of countless awards including four GRAMMYs, eight American Music Awards, six Billboard Awards and 12 MTV Video Music Awards among many other honors. Proving that they can cross genre-boundaries with ease, these rock legends have even taken home a Soul Train Award for Best Rap Single for their remix of Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.” With scores of multi-platinum albums, Aerosmith continues to inspire generations to get their wings, get a grip and just push play. It is no wonder why they are one of the most beloved bands of all time.