Ed Kowalczyk, legendary lead singer and songwriter of the multi-platinum rock band Live, will release The Garden EP digitally on November 19th. The EP includes 5 new original tracks and 5 remixes from artists including Elder Jepson (Evanescence, Cartel), Karsh Kale (Sting, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan), Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, Luscious Jackson, R.E.M.), and Juno Reactor (The Matrix). The EP was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Jamie Candiloro.

"As a touring and recording musician, I've been amazed over the years at how much my songs develop and evolve from the original studio recordings. With the remixes on The Garden EP, I wanted to try to hyper-speed that process a bit and deconstruct my versions of the songs by handing them off to other creative people right at the beginning. In my view, "Rise" by Elder Jepson (featuring Hawkman) is the perfect example of this idea in action.

Half-timed and dubbed out- it's totally different from the original version yet just as intense. It's also much more than just a "dance remix" - it stands strong on its own. I like to think that when you have a great idea for a melody and lyric, what you really have is a kind of seed. And if you nurture it and even take some chances with it, it will grow and surprise you for years to come."

While preparing for a new full-length release in the spring of 2013, Kowalczyk will resume his "I Alone" Acoustic Tour on November 4th in Londonderry, NH. He will be performing songs from the entire Live catalog as well as songs from his first solo album, Alive, released in 2010.

Ed Kowalczyk has built an impressive resume that includes eight full-length albums with his Live band mates that have reached gold and platinum status in 9 countries, and nine Top 10 radio hits including "Lightning Crashes," "I Alone," "Selling the Drama," and "Heaven." With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Live has become one of the most successful and enduring alternative rock bands of the last twenty years.