UK's finest, Glamour Of The Kill are featuring their hit single, "Feeling Alive" on today in celebration of the release of "The Summoning" on October 2, 2012.

The band has revealed the album cover, track list and pre-order information for an album that has not seen a US release until now. Frontman Davey Richmond comments: "We are really excited to unleash 'The Summoning' in the US. As our debut full length album this is the beginning of what to expect from Glamour of the Kill as we evolve. We are about writing tunes that we are passionate about, but aren't necessarily bound by a single genre. I guarantee that there is at least one song on this album that everyone can relate to and enjoy. This is only the beginning. Brace yourselves."

The band will release "The Summoning" here in the states on October 2, 2012. Richmond adds "After how well we've been received in the UK & Europe it means so much to us to be able to take our music across to the US and the rest of the world now, and we look forward to working with a label who understands what Glamour of the Kill are all about."

The band recently announced their participation in the Inked Music Tour featuring Alesana. The band will be supporting along side Vampires Everywhere and In Fear and Faith.

Richmond continues, "We're really excited to be part of the Inked Music Tour. It's going to be our first time in the US. After partying with Alesana earlier this year across Europe, we're looking forward to bringing that party to all our American friends."

Track List:
01 If Only She Knew
02 World's End
03 Feeling Alive
04 Dying From The Inside
05 Lost Souls
06 Malevolent Reign
07 Supremacy
08 Here, Behind These Walls
09 Through The Eyes Of The Broken
10 Army Of The Dead
11 The Summoning