'Black Mass,' the new album from Just Like Vinyl, hits stores today! 'Black Mass' offers 12 aggressive, yet melodic tracks a la early Coheed And Cambria and At The Drive-In and can be heard in its entirety on the band's Facebook Page.

Founded by former The Fall Of Troy guitarist/frontman Thomas Erak, 'Black Mass' is an aggressive departure from Just Like Vinyl's first effort, while still highlighting Erak's distinct guitar work. Erak explains, "We experimented with doing more melodic music, but for 'Black Mass' I think our hearts lie in the more aggressive, wild kind of rock n'roll. Though, there are a couple of surprises on the record."

'Black Mass' Track Listing:
01 Safety Word
02 Bitches Get Stitches
03 Walk You Home (feat. Sam McTrusty)
04 Hours And Whiskey Sours
05 Sucks To Be You
06 Happiness Is A Hole
07 First Born
08 Pressure/Release
09 ATM
10 $$$
11 Lucky Stars
12 Dick