'Dead End Kings,' the long-awaited ninth album from Sweden’s master of dark rock/metal, Katatonia, is now available in North America via Peaceville Records.

The follow-up to 2009’s critically acclaimed, 'Night is the New Day,' can be purchased online in a multitude of formats and bundle packages via Omerch or on iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-end-kings/id552372052 (Standard Edition) and http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-end-kings-deluxe-edition/id552508307 (Deluxe Edition).

Amongst Katatonia’s most poignant and ambitious material to date, 'Dead End Kings' sees the quintet conjure yet another milestone in audial angst and melancholy with this much anticipated follow-up to 2009’s inspired and acclaimed, Night is the New Day.

'Dead End Kings' was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and The City Of Glass, and was produced by Katatonia’s own, Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse, and mixed by David Castillo, known for his prior work with Katatonia, as well as Opeth and Bloodbath.

'Dead End Kings' sees the recording debut of guitarist, Per Eriksson, for Katatonia, as well as recent bassist, Niklas Sandin. Additionally, Katatonia is joined once again by Frank Default and his invaluable expertise on sampling and atmospherics, plus a special guest appearance by Norwegian vocalist, Silje Wergeland, of Dutch legends, The Gathering/ex-Octavia Sperati.

Long-time visual collaborator, Travis Smith, provided artwork for the release.

Katatonia will hit the road in support of 'Dead End Kings' early next month on its co-headlining tour, “Epic Kings & Idols.” The run with co-headliner, The Devin Townsend Project, will kick off in Seattle, Wash. on September 4th, with Paradise Lost and Stolen Babies rounding out the line-up for the 18-city trek.

'Dead End Kings' Track listing:

1. The Parting
2. The One You Are Looking for is Not Here (with Silje Wergeland)
3. Hypnone
4. The Racing Heart
5. Buildings
6. Leech
7. Ambitions
8. Undo You
9. Lethean
10. First Prayer
11. Dead Letters