Chicago-based musician Markus Johansson’s new project Sylencer is just breaking into the masses, but true metal fans have felt this presence brewing for a long while. The new Sylencer album, featuring guest appearances from the accomplished likes of Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Brendon Small (Dethklok), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament) and many more, will be unleashed on the world on September 4, 2012.


The album is entitled 'A Lethal Dose of Truth' and will released in the U.S. by Sylencer’s independent label, Sylencer Records (the album will be released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland via dPulse Recordings/Ovrtone Music Group, Inc. and distribution partners NEO MCC GmbH/Sony Music Entertainment Germany).

Aside from founding members Markus Johansson and Johnny Rox, permanent member status also goes to seasoned drummer Kevin Talley (Dååth, Six Feet Under)..

“When we began making this record, we would never in a million years have believed that this is how it was all going to turn out,” states Markus Johansson. “People always ask how we managed to work with so many amazing artists on one album, let alone our first album. Sometimes we would get lucky and bump into someone in a recording studio, or at the Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard. Other times it was a seemingly wild game of Six Degrees Of Separation, or an instance of F

book suggesting I befriend an artist's profile. In the end, we managed to make all of this happen by relentlessly pursuing our dream, and by allowing it the time to develop into something ultimately beyond our wildest dreams."

A pre-sale for 'A Lethal Dose of Truth' is running on Sylencer's Bandcamp page right now. Fans that pre-order the album in either a digital or physical/digital format will receive an immediate download of four of the album's 16 songs, and will enter them to win a Gibson USA Explorer that was used in the making of the album!

The incredible list of musical guests that took part in recording 'A Lethal Dose of Truth' is a clear testament to their recognition of Markus Johansson remarkable talent. Other impressive guest appearances on 'A Lethal Dose of Truth' aside from the aforementioned few include:

Michael Angelo Batio – Lead Guitar (MAB, Nitro)
Metal Mike Chlasciak – Lead Guitar (Rob Halford, Sebastian Bach)
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass Guitar (Sadus, Death, Testament, Iced Earth)
Roland Grapow – Lead Guitar (Helloween, Masterplan)
The Heathen – Vocals (Zimmers Hole)
Christian Lasegue – Lead Guitar (Jag Panzer)
Marco Minnemann – Drums (Necrophagist, Paul Gilbert, Kreator)
Sean Reinert – Drums (Cynic, Death)
Steve Smyth – Lead Guitar (Forbidden, Testament, Nevermore)
Larry Tarnowski – Lead Guitar (Iced Earth)
Emil Werstler – Lead Guitar (Dååth, Chimaira, Levi/Werstler)

Check Out the Album Trailer for Sylencer's 'A Lethal Dose of Truth'