The Australian hard-partying, mischief makers have taken a different approach to premiere their new video for “Chasing Ghosts” by allowing their fans to decide when they get to see it by helping to ‘unlock’ it, simply by tweeting #ChasingGhosts.

The more tweets containing the #ChasingGhosts hashtag it receives, the closer fans get to uncovering the clip hosted here and they can watch the progress in real time, building even more anticipation for their new album – also called Chasing Ghosts – ahead of its release date, which is now Oct. 2. Please note that date change.

The real beauty of it is that Amity fans worldwide can work together to help unlock the clip. The clock starts at 10AM on Wednesday, Aug. 15 via

The Amity Affliction’s oft paradox of fun-loving attitude (and song titles) combined with dark but empowering anthems has endeared the band to a growing legion of fans who travel great distances to see them, tattoo the band’s lyrics and artwork on their bodies and voice their devotion all over social media. What better way to premiere their latest video, than by letting their fans decide when it happens?