Now aligned with Prosthetic, the Minnesota-based grind trio Ambassador Gun is set to deliver a heavy-hitting album that will feature each individual element that makes the band unique – grindcore mixed with death metal-infused thrash and blended with some punk and crust elements.

This unique combination will form the upcoming release “Golden Eagle,” due out October 22. The album's artwork and track listing can be found below.

According to Olson, "Golden Eagle" was an album title and a concept before most of the tracks were even written. Some (but not all) of the album lyrics center on Native American culture at the turn of the 19th century ("Theft, murder, harassment, duress, war," Olson says).

The band tracked the album themselves and self-produced. Olson stated, “We had all intentions this time to record and mix the album ourselves. From the start, we knew we wanted a raw and crusty tone with a lot of mid. In the past we’ve worked with some amazing people, including Steve Austin (Today Is The Day), Adam Tucker and Jeff Halland, but I felt the three of us had a certain sound we needed conceptually for this record. Tim Sieler captured everything we set out to hear and it came out great."

'Golden Eagle' Tracklisting:
1. Wounded Knee
2. Christbastard
3. Slowbled
4. Warpainted
5. Sunshine Acid
6. Sever Ties
7. Crack Ikon
8. Chris Brown
9. Unleashed
10. Circle the Lord Of Flies
11. No Suffering