Minnesota-based grindcore outfit Ambassador Gun  have revealed a second track, "Warpainted," from their Oct. 22 release "Golden Eagle" exclusively via Lambgoat.com. In addition, the group has just been announced their participation in next year's Maryland Death Fest, where they'll perform alongside the likes of Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Venom and many more.

The band's Prosthetic debut, "Golden Eagle" is now available for pre-order through the Prosthetic webshop. You can purchase a package consisting of the album and a t-shirt featuring the above album artwork for only $22 here, as well as purchasing the shirt or cd individually.

According to vocalist and guitarist Luke Olson, "'Golden Eagle' was an album title and a concept before most of the tracks were even written. Some (but not all) of the album lyrics center on Native American culture at the turn of the 19th century -- theft, murder, harassment,duress and war." The album combines the elements that make Ambassador Gun stand out -- a mix of grindcore with death metal-infused thrash, blended with some punk and crust influences.

"Golden Eagle" was tracked and produced by the band themselves at band member Tim Sieler's own studio, The Gun Range. "In the past we've worked with some amazing people," commented Olson, "including Steve Austin, Adam Tucker and Jeff Halland, but I felt the three of us had a certain sound we needed conceptually for this record. Tim captured everything we set out to hear and it came out great."

The band, consisting of Olson (vocals/guitars/bass) Sieler (vocals/guitars/bass) and Patrick Ruhland (drums), was formed in the early 2000s when high school friends Sieler and Olson reunited after playing in several similar punk and metal bands. In 2009, the band released their first full-length studio album, "When In Hell", through Pangea Recordings/Relapse Records. After a few line-up changes, Ruhland joined the band and in 2011 they released a 7" through Minor Bird Records entitled "Rich" as well as a split EP with fellow Milwaukee based thrashers Enabler. The split was released on cassette and digitally and sparked attention gaining them a spot opening for Enabler on their recent East Coast tour. Ambassador Gun have also been seen on several DIY-style treks alongside the likes of Ken Mode, Fuck The Facts, Gaza, In Defence, Today Is The Day, After The Burial and several more.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Wounded Knee
2. Christbastard
3. Slowbled
4. Warpainted
5. Sunshine Acid
6. Cover Tracks/Sever Ties
7. Crack Ikon
8. Chris Brown
9. Unleashed
10. Circle The Lord Of Flies
11. No Suffering

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