London based indie alt-rockers Being There will release their debut album, Breaking Away, on January 29 in the U.S. via Young & Lost Club.

The band recently released videos for their tracks ‘The Radio’ and ‘Back to the Future,’ which can be seen at the links below.

‘The Radio’ -
‘Back to the Future’ -

Formed towards the end of 2010 after meeting at university in Manchester, the now London based band Being There started working with label Young & Lost Club from the offset, after vocalist and guitarist Sammy Lewis previously worked with the label as a solo performer. Joined by James Robinson (bass & vocals), Tom Rapanakis (drums) and Nick Olorenshaw (lead guitar) Being There spent 2011 on the road with Noah & The Whale, releasing their debut single, recording their debut album and rounding the year off as one of NME’s ones to watch for 2012.

Being There took a break from the road to record Breaking Away onto tape during a two-week stay in Leeds with producer Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Spectrals).

With a strong coming of age theme, Breaking Away is inspired by a nostalgia for teen years that feel full of possibility, but are also, as Sammy says, a time that’s “tinged with a sense of limitation, feeling trapped in the suburbs waiting to grow up or just waiting for something to happen”. The band are conscious that it also relates to the current environment where “so many people we know are experiencing an extended adolescence, where you are a graduate but can’t find a job and are stuck at home again dreaming of escape”.

Opening track ‘Punch the Clock’ sees Breaking Away begin as it means to go on; awash in wave after wave of syrupy Jesus and Mary Chain-style guitars and sweetly understated vocals telling of a car drive through London. It eventually burns out leaving gently ringing drones that morph into the propulsive ‘Back to the Future’; a song loaded with escapist imagery (and a Randy Newman reference). Upcoming single ‘Tomorrow’ is where Breaking Away really kicks into full throttle however; it’s a hyperactive hit for the summer buoyed by the best fuzz guitar hooks this side of Dinosaur Jr.

Breaking Away‘s appeal isn’t just limited to its hard-hitters though. The delicate and reflective ‘To Infinity And Beyond’ shows a lighter side of the band, with clear nods to acts such as The Lemonheads and Herman Dune. It’s a sound they go on to develop further on the straight up pop songs and singles ‘17’ and ‘The Radio,’ which both perfectly demonstrate the band’s ability to write hugely catchy, lo-fi indie pop songs for the 21st century.

Breaking Away will be released in the U.S. through the Young & Lost Club label on January 29.

Breaking Away Track List:
1. Allen Ginsberg
2. Back To The Future
3. Breaking Away
4. Infinity
5. Over Me
6. Punch The Clock
7. The Radio
8. Silent Runners
9. Tomorrow
10. Up
11. 17

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