Seminal Florida rock band Further Seems Forever today announced that they have signed to Rise Records and will release a new full-length album on October 23, 2012. Entitled Penny Black, the release features the band's original lineup, together for the first time since the band's much-lauded debut album, The Moon Is Down (2001).

The band's formative singer Chris Carrabba, who has put his solo project Dashboard Confessional temporarily on hold to pursue this reunion, co-produced the disc with Jonathan Clark and Mike Fanuell in his own studio in South Florida. The band spent over two years consistently penning and laying down the tracks.

"Having a partnership with Further Seems Forever is a dream come true," said Rise Records founder Craig Ericson. "I've been a huge fan since their debut album and have been an avid fan of Chris/Dashboard Confessional. Rise Records is honored to release this future classic."

The release of Penny Black not only marks a return to form for a group that has been so beloved over the years, but also yields the opportunity to conclude one chapter and open the next. "I think I speak for the band as a whole: It's closure on a long, convoluted history," said Carrabba. "It's great to finally get a chance to follow up what we did with the five of us together."

Watch the Teaser for Further Seems Forever's 'Penny Black'