Arizona grinders Landmine Marathon recently re-recorded two songs -- "Bile Towers" and "Dead Horses" -- with new vocalist Krysta Martinez (Transient) that are now available digitally worldwide.

Martinez recorded the vocals for both "Bile Towers" and "Dead Horses" remotely from Haywire Studios in Portland, OR. "The biggest obstacle," stated Martinez, "was in making certain the tracks didn't sound robotic because these tracks were written by Grace (Perry, former Landmine Marathon vocalist). The lyrics for the songs contain some great images and emotions. I really had to study and absorb the content quickly and fully to ensure that I could project that catharsis. Any careful listener will know that there's some intense emotion driving these songs. It's really important to me to do justice to the songs as they exist while still making them my own, and I loved the process of recording them."

Guitarist Ryan Butler commented, "We are so excited to be working with Krysta. She's breathing new life into the band, has brought a new level of power to our tracks and is a pleasure to be around. I am really excited for 2013 and releasing new material, but these tracks are a great idea of where the future will lead us."

On her vocal technique, Martinez commented, "In the studio setting, the room is often somewhat sterile, as there's no energy from a crowd and there's definitely a risk of that sterility carrying over into the sound. You have to make a point to overcome that and scream and growl into the mic like you're in terrible agony or attack mode."

Both re-recorded tracks are now available digitally through iTunes; "Dead Horses" and "Bile Towers" here. Landmine Marathon's next scheduled performance is alongside Napalm Death, Phobia, Macabre, Disgorge and Dying Fetus at Mexico's Obscene Extreme festival in late March.

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