Phoenix-based grinders Landmine Marathon have amicably parted ways with original singer Grace Perry and replaced her with Krysta Martinez, pictured above. A video stream of a new version of the band's song "Dead Horses" (from their acclaimed 2011 release "Gallows") featuring Martinez on vocals.

An official statement from the band concerning Perry's departure is as follows: "This summer, Grace decided to leave the band to pursue non-musical endeavors. We are grateful for all of her contributions to Landmine Marathon and wish her nothing but future successes."

New vocalist Martinez is no stranger to the metal scene, having previously been a fan of the band as well as sharing the stage with them as the vocalist for the Portland grind outfit Transient. Martinez stated: "I'm stoked to be creating music with Landmine Marathon and look forward to hitting the road with them in coming months. Grace is an amazing vocalist, and filling her shoes is a great challenge. Things have been incredibly enjoyable so far and the best is surely yet to come."

Guitarist Ryan Butler also commented on the new line-up, adding: "We're very excited to join forces with Krysta. We are all fans of and have played tons of shows with Transient. She was the obvious choice and a perfect fit. We look forward to sharing the road with her very soon."

With four full-lengths to their credit, Landmine Marathon has earned extensive critical praise for their "blazingly fast and furious metal" (Terrorizer), a Bolt Thrower- and Napalm Death-inspired blend of punk, grind and death metal. The group was recently seen taking part in Metallica's Orion Music + More festival (for which they were hand-picked by James Hetfield), as well as opening select dates for Nasum's farewell tour. The band will release more songs featuring Martinez's vocals in the near future. Stay tuned to the band's Facebook for more information:

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