UK doom hero, My Dying Bride, will premiere a brand new track, “A Tapestry Scorned,” from its upcoming album, A Map of all our Failures, this weekend on Full Metal Jackie Radio. To find a rock station near you airing/streaming the show, go to:

A Map of all our Failures is due out on October 16th via Peaceville Records. The impending opus can be pre-ordered as a special edition CD/DVD, double vinyl and multiple bundle packages at:

Fans can stream a brand new song, “Kneel till Doomsday,” on the A Map of all our Failures mini-site at:, or directly on Soundcloud at: Those who sign up for the My Dying Bride mailing list will receive a free download of the track.

A step up from 2009’s, For Lies I Sire - which set and subsequently met new heights of expectation placed upon the legendary Yorkshire doom troupe - A Map of all our Failures is a further voyage into the darkest depths of humanity, religion, folklore, love and death. My Dying Bride’s distinctively sumptuous dual guitar melodies effortlessly flood into juggernaut doom metal riffs, with the vocals of Aaron Stainthorpe weaving a rich tapestry of tragic tales into the accompanying soundscapes. A Map of all our Failures is perhaps best and most effectively summarised by guitarist Andrew Craighan, who describes the album as “a controlled demolition of all your hopes.”

The album recording and mix was completed at Futureworks Studios in Manchester UK, with long-standing production maestro, Mags, at the helm.

My Dying Bride has been the leading force in the death/doom metal genre since its inception in the early 90’s, and has gone on to forge a legacy of greatness in the field over the past two decades.

The band will embark upon a European tour in December in support of the album, as well as a local appearance at the UK’s esteemed Damnation Festival in November, at which Peaceville will be a proud sponsor to coincide with the label’s 25th anniversary.

Stay tuned for more information on My Dying Bride and A Map of all our Failures.

Track List:

1. Kneel till Doomsday
2. The Poorest Waltz
3. A Tapestry Scorned
4. Like A Perpetual Funeral
5. A Map of all our Failures
6. Hail Odysseus
7. Within The Presence of Absence
8. Abandoned As Christ