Norwegian rockers Ungdomskulen have approached their musical career with the intention of setting no restrictions for themselves, and it certainly shows. While the trio has influences in experimental rock and pop, their progressive sound is something all their own. A result of the intimacy and unbreakable bond built from weeks spent together on the road, the band’s fourth studio album, 'Secrecy,' will be released on September 25th.

Album opener 'Askefast' is a blitz of a song with rapid-fire percussion and an irregular beat that will keep you on your toes. Literally translating to “stuck due to ashes,” the frenetic track was inspired by a 2010 volcanic eruption that grounded all European flights and left many stranded. For a glimpse into the story, check out the eccentric “Askefast” video where it premiered with Stereogum and download the 'Askefast' MP3 here.

'Secrecy' blends the experimental flare of the avant-garde genre with fundamental punk, rock and dance sensibilities. “Facemask” reveals itself gradually, opening with subdued guitars and vocals before kicking into full speed with an infectious mix of bass and drum that booms beneath licks of guitar. “Kafka On Ice” is a slow jam, twisting and turning with hazy, distorted guitars and reverberating vocals. “Young Hearts” is a melodic track that allows singer Kristian’s vocals to take center stage, backed by harmonies and a dense instrumental foundation.

Having played together for nearly a decade, Ungdomskulen has honed their own distinct, innovative sound. Recorded in a studio that the band built themselves, 'Secrecy' is full of surprises at every turn.