It is with great pleasure that Napalm Records announces that Canadian heavy metal squadron Striker will be opening the legendary Metallica's two sold-out shows in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on August 17th and 18th at Rexall Place.

Riding high on the critical acclaim afforded their latest Napalm release, 'Armed to the Teeth,' Striker will be playing in front of 18,000 people both nights - and in their hometown! Vocalist Dan Cleary had the following to say about this momentous event: "We are so stoked to be opening for a band that had such an impact on us growing up! This is insane! And in our hometown, too! This could easily be the biggest show we get to play ever, and we are so grateful! So pumped!!!"

Striker's 'Armed to the Teeth' was released in North America on August 7th through Napalm Records, and has been reaping a whirlwind of acclaim. For more info, consult