Riding on a crest of overwhelmingly positive acclaim since their return from hiatus last year, 'Yellowcard' have clenched a #10 debut on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart with their new album 'Southern Air' (released August 14, 2012 on Hopeless Records).

Their fifth album to reach Top 20 (and second in the Top 10), this chart position is especially important as it’s proof positive that the band’s re-emergence wasn’t a short-lived novelty but a full-fledged return to form.

Says Ryan Key (vocalist/guitarist), “We were just discussing what the percentage might be of musicians that achieve having a Top 10 record on the Billboard Top 200 in their career. Then we were discussing what the percentage of us that have two of them. Southern Air has officially charted as the Number 10 record in the States for its first week. That makes twice in our career we have been in the company of those artists among that percentage. When searching for a word, ‘surreal’ seems to be the best choice. Yellowcard was very literally a garage band in 2000 when we signed our first recording contract. This moment is one that we are not taking lightly and one we will never forget. You all, our fans, have carried us to heights we never thought imaginable. So, ‘Bottoms up tonight, I drink to you and I’, a toast to all of you for helping us achieve this incredible thing. Thank you.”

In the US alone this week, Southern Air has logged the #10 Top Current Album, #2 Current Rock Album, #2 Current Alternative Album, #2 Vinyl Album, and #2 Indie Label Current Album. Elsewhere, the album has had Top 100 debuts in the UK, Canada and Japan, and is trending towards a Top 50 debut in Germany and Australia (whose charts will be determined at week’s end).