Green Day have revealed a new trailer for their forthcoming disc'¡Dos!' which is due out on Nov. 13.

'¡Dos!' is the second installment of their album trilogy and it's also the band's follow up to their recent release'¡Uno!.' Check out the trailer and track list for '¡Dos!' below.

Watch Green Day's '¡Dos!' Trailer

Green Day’s ‘¡Dos!’ Track Listing:
1. ‘See You Tonight’
2. ‘F— Time’
3. ‘Stop When the Red Lights Flash’
4. ‘Lazy Bones’
5. ‘Wild One’
6. ‘Makeout Party’
7. ‘Stray Heart’
8. ‘Ashley’
9. ‘Baby Eyes’
10. ‘Lady Cobra’
11. ‘Nightlife’
12. ‘Wow! That’s Loud’
13. ‘Amy’

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