As previously announced, today (August 14) is the North American release date for three solo albums by iconic guitarist Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth, ex-Cacophony), two of which -- 2010's "Bad D.N.A." and 2008's "Future Addict" -- have never before been available Stateside. (2006's "Loudspeaker" was previously released via seminal shred-guitar label Shrapnel Records.)

A bundle of all three albums can be purchased at the Prosthetic webshop now by clicking here! For the past several years, Friedman has lived in Japan, where this week the pop band SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People) has the #1 album with their just-released "Gift of SMAP." That recording contains "La + LOVE and PEACE," a song for which Friedman wrote the music. "I have played guitar on a few number ones before," he says, "but this is my first songwriting #1 anywhere!"

While he continues to gain notoriety in the Japanese music industry, Friedman's impact on American heavy metal -- from his revolutionary performances in Cacophony, to his rise to hall-of-fame status with the legandary band Megadeth, to his revered solo albums -- cannot be understated, as he has influenced a generation of guitarists who have made a name for themselves in today's music scene.

In lieu of the new reissues, several of these artists -- including Gus G, Alex Skolnick, John 5 and John Petrucci -- have spoken out about Friedman's influence and the impact he has had on their playing and musicianship

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