UK’s “cocky” hardcore-punks TRC will release their EP, The Story So Far, on October 23 via No Sleep Records. The band has released a music video for their ruckus new track “Heartless.”'

Fans are invited to pre-order the new EP now at Watch TRC’s new video for “Heartless” here.

Rapidly gaining ground in their home country and throughout Europe, TRC has shifted their sights to the U.S. where an underground following continues to spread through word of mouth. The band’s provocative lyrics and confrontational music has generated a plethora of love/hate responses that have ignited a whirlwind of buzz around their upcoming U.S. release of The Story So Far. caught up with TRC vocalist Chris Robson in July to talk about the upcoming release, current state of hardcore and getting cocky. Stream their track “Cocky Is Back” and read the rest of the interview here.

TRC back up their “cocky” attitude on their EP, The Story So Far, with a confident blend of street-influenced hardcore and underground UK hip hop that punishes as much as mesmerizes as also heard on their previously released track “#TEAMUK”, which is also featured on the seven track EP.

The Revolution Continues this fall as the band gears up for the U.S. release of The Story So Far. Visit for news and information about the new EP and upcoming U.S. touring plans.

'The Story So Far' Tracklist:
2. Heartless
3. Cocky Is Back
4. Bastard
5. Diamonds From the Smoke
6. Sweatbox
7. London’s Greatest Love Story

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